The Coolest Gifts of 2018: Novelty Geeky T-shirts

In the past, I’ve never been a person who would even consider buying clothing as gift for a family member or your girlfriend – But that all changed in 2018 when I realized that one of the easiest and personal gifts you can buy these days is infact a gift, or novelty t-shirt.

Now when I hear the word novelty it makes me think of those awful novelty mugs and hats that were on sale in the 90s in those shops that sold nothing but tat and cheesy merchandise. I remember only really going in those shops back then if it was to buy a card for someone or, on Halloween to buy some costume stuff when I was a kid.

Novelty Gifts Like T-shirts Have Improved

However, that was in the 1990’s and that’s why the word ‘novelty’ stirs up such negative thoughts for me personally as I was young in the 90’s. But honestly, if you’ve not checked out the novelty t-shirts these days that are available online on all the major online stores then make sure you do so soon. It’s really easy to order the right size t-shirt using their sizing guides and you can have it shipped directly to the person you’re buying for, no matter where you are in the world. And the best bit, the price. Most novelty t-shirts now sell for $19.99 or under with around $5 postage if you’re in the US.

The Designs Are Better Too

Yeah as well as the ease of which you can order these gift t-shirts, the other thing to mention here is by how much the graphic design of novelty t-shirts has improved since a few decades ago. I guess this is just due to competition of sellers and these business people simply getting better and better designers to outfox their competition. Which is great news for us buyers as there really is a wealth of awesome designed shirts in every niche and even micro niche that you can think of.


One site that I do regularly buy from is, they’ve never let me down, and often their shirts arrive earlier than the stated delivery date. I bought one from their 40th b’day tee shirts range last time.